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Logo Quiz – Information, Answers, Walkthrough

Logo Quiz is a revolutionary game that has exploded the world and the gaming community. The developer has put the simplest idea into a colorful challenging and exciting game. Constant updates are making the game even more frantic. Once you press play button you will not be able to get out of this game until solving all the puzzles. If you are ready to sink in a logo frenzy then you should learn more about this game.

What is the game about?

Logos Quiz is simply about logos. You should guess the name of the company or brand the logo represents. You think that there is nothing challenging? The logos on the display will be shown partially. You will see a part of the symbol, its shape or a part of the brand name (some tasks perform just one letter from the brand name for you to guess what is meant).

The game performs 15 levels with more than 500 logos. Each update adds new logos for your challenge.

What is there so challenging about this Logo Quiz game?

logos quiz answers

logos quiz answers

The Logo Quiz performs brands from all over the world to challenge your knowledge, attention, logic and memory. Some brands are known in the USA however still strange for European players. Some brands are of world recognition and some of them are still not known however being a part of our everyday life. The game has accumulated not only the brands of fashion and glam but of any product you can bang against in your everyday life. Are you sure the game is doodle? Then start your first challenging and enticing level and see how so familiar and known brands become faceless and fall beyond all recognition!

Another way the Logo Quiz challenges you is the way the levels are organized. Each level is time limited to prevent you from googling the right answers seeking for the similar pictures of brands or frantically surfing the sites in search for Logo Quiz answers which you can find on this site. If you are out of time the level is collapsed. If you are out of hints and tries to answer the logo correctly then the level is the same crashed. You should be not just a logo and brand kink you should be quick in handling with your device and making decisions.

Knowing the right answer is not the last way to win the level. The game performs you another challenge. After each logo appears on the screen of your iDevice you should type in the correct answer. If you make a spelling mistake then the answer is wrong and you need to take another try to hit the correct spelling. This is one of the most obscure challenges in the game as many brands and logos are of Italian, French, Japan origin where spelling is intricate enough to hinder you within the level or a single logo.

Logo Quiz game social networks integration.

However being run out of all the hints and stars and ways to guess the answers, you are still provided with a possibility to pass the level asking your friends on Facebook or Twitter for correct answers. The Logos Quiz game has become immensely popular creating a Logo Quiz community around the game. The Logos Quiz game fans are eager to help other players and share the correct answers. You can share your results and achievements in Logos Quiz with your friends and compete with Logo Quiz community.

Passing the Logos Quiz levels.

The game presents 15 fascinating levels for you with many challenging logos and brands to guess. Each logo has up to 4 hints for guessing the puzzles. Most of them are well known and do not require much pain to guess. However many are still hard to guess and you will need hints. If you are out of hints the developers of the Logos Quiz game provide you a possibility to buy some hints and stars to continue the challenge and to prove you are the best in logo quiz game!

However there are many destinations on the Internet sharing the Logo Quiz solution. If you are stuck in the level why to suffer and try again vainly if there is a perfect chance to get the logos quiz game answers right now?

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Logo Quiz Answers

logo quiz answers

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