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Logo Quiz Answers

This game is recognized as one of the best time killers. The game gets the highest reviews and gets up the top of App Store charts engaging more and more Logo addicts all over the world.

Logos are around us in our everyday life. We find logos on the meal packages, in the streets, in advertisings, showcases, windows. We are informed of new brands on the radio and TV.

logo quiz answers

Even walking in the street you face thousands of logos and brands daily. Each car, each product, each thing you take in your hands has a printed or engraved logo on its surface. You think that you know all possible brands surrounding you in your everyday life. Logo Quiz is a game about logos.
It is hard to imagine the simpler idea put to the core of the game. You need just guess the logos shown on the display of your device. If you think the task is doodle so launch the application and press the play button. This button will start your logo frenzy which you will be unable to stop.

The levels.

The Logos quiz performs 15 levels with more than 500 logos deprived of some elements of their design. What is a logo? This is a graphic symbol adopted by a company for representation of the product, service, company itself. The logo comprises elements of corporate culture (fonts, colors). Sometimes logos contain the name of the company or a product. Such logos in the Logo Quiz are missing some essential parts as names, or unique parts of design. If the name of the company or brand or product stands for the logo then it will be shown with some letters (b  y in corporate fonts and colors will stand for EBay for example).

You can not progress to the next level until you guess the certain quantity of the logos of the first level. All you need to guess the logos is provided in the game. Accumulating your attention and logic and using the hints and stars for instant resolve of the logo puzzle. Hints and stars are limited however you are enabled to buy enough of hints and stars to progress in the game.

However if the tries and attempts are used and you are blocked in the level you can ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter for help. The more friends you have the more answers and help you will get. However the game has gained enormous popularity and a constantly growing community of Logo quiz game addicts.

The Answers for each level – Logo Quiz Answers

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
Level 11
Level 12

logo quiz answers

Technical requirements.

Logo Quiz game is developed for any iOS device run on iOS 4 or later. The game requires about 50Mb of free disk space and runs smoothly. The device does not crash with the application running and perfectly runs other applications simultaneously.

The users reported some bugs in the prior version of the Logos quiz game however each new update performs user interface improvements, bugs fixing, new functions, new logos and many other minor improvements making your  time with Logo Quiz amazing and captivating.


The Logo Quiz game has got simple design deprived of bright color solutions making your eyes comfortable with the game. The grayish background is perfect for displaying different images and making them distinguishable and clear for guessing.

User Interface.

The game is intuitively clear and simple. Even with no instructions and explanations you will understand how to play. The first screen will introduce you two options, one of playing the game and another stands for entering the settings. The setting menu will show you the options of choice and settings. It enables you to set the sound, create, manage, delete the info and profiles, the menu for sharing the data on Facebook and Twitter, Game Center helps to analyze your statistics and get in touch with other Logo quiz community gamers.

The challenges.

The play menu will introduce you to the levels of the game. The levels which are already unlocked will be available for instant start. Other levels will need to be unlocked further.

Entering the level you see the logo challenge. They are organized in rows for you to guess. Each level contains different quantity of logos, which can be organized on several pages. You can choose any logo which seems familiar for you and try to guess it. The quicker you will type in the correct answer the more scores you will get for the logo and for the level passing. Each logo being correctly guessed is marked with a green tick. If you do not know what this logo represents you can turn to the level menu and choose another logo to guess. The logo frenzy will not end as each update of the game offers you new logos to guess. Many users still doubt the exact quantity of Logo quiz game levels as they can not unlock other levels to play.

The more logos you guess the more hints you will get for further progress in the game. The main difficulty and challenge of the game the Logo Quiz fans report is that the logos are presented from all over the world. So the users from the UK may not be familiar with companies and brands from USA and vice versa.

Another challenging option of the Logos Quiz game is spelling. Some versions of the Logo quiz game for other OS platforms perform a number of options to choose from whereas the original Logo Quiz game offers you a possibility to type the name of the brand which you think is correct in the type bar and click then a check button. If you miss a letter or misspell the name then the answer will be wrong. You may surf the Internet to find the correct spelling of the brand as your tries are limited as well as time for passing of the level.

The ways to progress in the game and get success.

It is impossible to start the game and stay apart from Logo Quiz community. This game is really addictive however it does not represent any challenge. You are just put the simplest tasks and this embarrasses you as the things that seem familiar on the screen are not recognizable with some parts missing. If you are not enough the hints the game provides you then you can cash in your account and buy some additional hints and stars. You can ask your Facebook or Twitter community and wait till your friends will somewhat help you. However there is another way to find correct answers for the logo challenge in the game.

You can find here Logo Quiz answers which will help you to progress in the game and get more scores. You may find the logos quiz game answers for each level you are trying to pass and of course you can do it yourself spending much times and efforts and still getting zero results.

These Logos quiz answers are 100% correct and checked in the game. To be an honest player and escape obvious cheating you can use just some answers. However if you want to prove your expertise in the brand world you need all these answers to be typed in the answer bar as quickly as possible to get more scores and get the best results.

Besides, competing with your friends you will prove you are the best logo expert within your community.

Summing up the game.

Logo quiz does not perform any addictive plot or action t grasp the attention of the users all over the world. However this free app still tops the App store charts and is mostly played game. Gamers are driving crazy of guessing the brands and logos. They pour cash in their accounts.  They pay for the ad free option. They pay for hints and stars. Why does it happen? How can a logo frenzy conquer the world?

This game grasps the attention of millions of users all over the world with its simplicity and challenge. The developers add constantly new logos to enhance the challenge and warm up the rivalry among the users.

Try t imagine the ways of how to find a Logo quiz solution if you do not know anything about this brand or logo. You do not have any ghost of idea how to ask Google about the logo or which sphere of the real life this logo belongs to: whether it is a brand of beauty industry, home appliances or financial institutions. This is the main challenge of the game. Each player getting the limited number of hints for the game gets the only possibility to prove the expertise in logo world. That is why logo quiz game answers are of so immense importance for the users. Check this site and find the solutions for the level you are stuck in and progress in the world of logos and brands further! The levels perform enough of logos and brands for you to be engaged and stay with the game for as long as the new update will challenge you with new logos and this site will prepare a new bulk of answers for you!

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